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Visibly sitting up straighter.

I wanted to try one of these sessions because I suffer with neck and shoulder pain, I also know that my posture isn’t good. I seem to slouch and be more aware of the aches by the end of the working day. After a 50-minute session with Ben, I was visibly sitting up straighter and I could move my shoulder without any discomfort.

I wasn’t sure how well this type of session would work using Zoom, but all of the exercises and movements worked perfectly online. These sessions are a must for office workers that suffer with any tension or pain issues.

Libby, desk based in the UK.

Calm, competent, and sympathetic.

Improving my sense of body awareness, by using small movements done with awareness to get the subconscious to feel what I am doing. I only needed four online Zoom sessions to achieve this, thanks to Ben, His style as he explains the exercises is calm, competent and sympathetic . It is palpable that he delivers his work with pleasure and authenticity. Thank you!

Nicole. Carpal tunnel. Teacher, Germany

Being constantly on is un-human

I think there is this feeling especially during the working day that you should be ‘constantly on’ and that taking a pause is a bad thing but actually [it is the opposite].”

Hannah. Education. UK

45 minutes to ease neck tension.

The therapy eased the tension in my neck within 45 minutes of my 1-hour Zoom session. Not only did the exercise work but I have learned the concept of Feldenkrais (self-awareness through movement). Ben also shared some other useful tips and suggestions for me to take away and practice at home. I would recommend this to anyone with an ache or stiffness in their body.

Phil, desk based in the UK.

Full of energy and eager for the day to start.

It is normal for me to wake several times through the night, but I’ve done a number of classes now and every time I have the same experience: I sleep uninterrupted through the night and get a big surprise when the alarm goes off. Yesterday the course was tough for me, I felt some discomfort in my pelvis and legs. But this morning I feel like new. I woke up almost free of my usual pain, I feel happy, I am full of energy and eager for the day to start. Amazing!

Melanie, Training & HR, Germany

Are you feeling better?

“Are you feeling better?” Do you know what, I am. And I was just thinking that more people should do these sessions and allow themselves an hour out of  a busy day to actually just reset because it really makes you a bit more focussed and you get to come back with a fresh brain rather than running on stress.

Antonia. Education. UK

Let’s get started.

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