Webinar_ Relieve stiff shoulders.

Sitting, typing and mousing all day long means many people are suffering from painful shoulders and arms. With daily home office, there is no time to take a break. Massage or physiotherapy may help for a short period but the problem always comes back. Alone at home it is difficult to know who to consultContinue reading “Webinar_ Relieve stiff shoulders.”

Webinar_ Ergonomics in the workplace: A strong and supple back

Increased sitting has had a negative effect on posture and comfort this year, and statistics show that many people are suffering work related back pain. This practical, online workshop contains exercises that will help you to sense and then change your sitting posture. The purpose is to relieve back ache and to discover a strongerContinue reading “Webinar_ Ergonomics in the workplace: A strong and supple back”