Prices, times, bookings

Open sessions

Type of sessionOpen or in houseLanguageDayTimeHostPrice range (1)
PostureOpen classGermanMonday19.00 CETPotsdam Feldenkrais£12.50-£20
PostureOpen classEnglishWednesday13.00 GMTJaluch£12
PostureOpen classEnglishFriday9.00 GMTPotsdam Feldenkrais£12.50-£20
PostureOpen classGermanFriday12.00 CETPotsdam Feldenkrais£12.50-£20

1. There is a range of prices depending on single or multiple enrolment

Corporate bespoke courses

Type of sessionOpen or in houseLanguageDayTimeHostPrice
PostureIn-house upon request
FitnessIn-houseupon request
Themed workshopIn-houseupon request

Available topics – 50 minute sessions

  • Generalised course with content chosen by the trainer
  • Relax and mobilise stiff shoulders
  • A supple and strong back
  • Freeing the neck
  • Relieving Zoom eyes
  • Better sitting posture
  • Balancing stress and relaxation in the busy work place
  • Preventing or avoiding mouse hand and other RSIs
  • Walking and balance for people always on their feet
  • Your request

Available topics – 90 minute workshops

  • Screen time, eye use and vision, Exercises to alleviate tired eyes
  • Typing and mousing – avoiding or alleviating repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Pelvic Floor. Theory and practice for finding control and stability
  • Discovering your personal ergonomics at the work station
  • Your request

Individual sessions

Type of sessionOpen or in houseLanguageDayTimeHostPrice
One-on-oneBoth £75
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