Webinar_ Work Related arm disorders. Change your habits and reduce or avoid pain

What_ Online webinar in 3 parts Where_ Zoom When_ Monday 12, 19, 26 July at 19:10-20:00 London time (20:10 Berlin). Cost_ 45€ includes all three sessions and the recordings Tickets Arm and hand pain, and typing and mousing often go together. There are different conditions with different names, like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Work RelatedContinue reading “Webinar_ Work Related arm disorders. Change your habits and reduce or avoid pain”

Webinar_ Ergonomics in the workplace: A strong and supple back

Increased sitting has had a negative effect on posture and comfort this year, and statistics show that many people are suffering work related back pain. This practical, online workshop contains exercises that will help you to sense and then change your sitting posture. The purpose is to relieve back ache and to discover a strongerContinue reading “Webinar_ Ergonomics in the workplace: A strong and supple back”

Wikipedia on Mindfulness

Here is an extract from Wikipedia. Click on the link to read the full article. Source. Mindfulness practice has been employed to reduce depression, to reduce stress, anxiety and in the treatment of drug addition. Programs based on mindfulness models have been adopted within schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans’ centers, and other environments, and mindfulness programsContinue reading “Wikipedia on Mindfulness”


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