What does science say about the benefits of mindfulness?

I wanted to gather a few sources together to hear what they think of mindfulness based practices. The following lines come from here. Click on the link to read in more depth.


Brain/immune health: Mindfulness can make a real impact on the brain.

Mental health: Optimization of mental health not only impacts one’s sense of emotional well-being, but moderates most to all medical outcomes.

Chronic pain: Meditators show decreased pain and functional pain-related limitations with benefits being comparable with those from cognitive behavioural therapy, lasting up to one year.

Sleep: Randomized, controlled trials have demonstrated a reduction in total wake time and decreases on the Insomnia Severity Index.

Healthcare providers: We can only care for others as well as we care for ourselves. It is reassuring to know that RCT trials demonstrate that brief mindfulness practice results in positive changes in levels of stress, anxiety, mindfulness, resiliency and burnout symptoms.

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